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Mollies Boutique

What we did

We met with Molly and discussed what she envisaged with her shop, she was on a tight budget so we helped with the design aspect and layout and worked with her on what she wanted in the shop which would best compliment her budget. We drew up some plans based on her ideas and presented them to her for discussion/feedback. Once she was happy with what we offered we were good to start. Firstly we ripped the old shop out right down to its shell and installed the first fix electrics. The next job was to make the stall riser at the front of the shop and the changing rooms. Due to the old ceiling being in a mess, we agreed that the best option for Mollies budget would be to install a suspended ceiling. While this was happening we were also working hard making the shop counter and the shelving units as you can see in the images below. The next step was to install these bespoke items in the shop. Our electricians were then able to 2nd fix the shop. It was then over to our decorating team to add the finishing touches to the project and also to our floor layers who fitted vinyl flooring and carpet. We then ensured the shop was cleaned, tidy and ready for business.

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